How It Works

Add a touch of convenience to your next golf vacation with the golf club rental services provided by Cesar’s Golf Shop and Rentals. With our helpful golf club rental services, we will deliver all the golf equipment you need directly to your hotel or golf course. The only thing you need to bring is your A-game! Contact us today to request our convenient services.

Affordable and Hassle-free

For golf vacationers to South Florida, increasing luggage cost is quite alarming these days, not to mention the hassle and exhaustion caused by transporting a heavy bag of clubs between the airport, hotel and golf course. This makes renting a set of golf clubs an affordable and handy solution for golf players coming from a distant location. Clubs rental is offered at a fixed rate per day, and with little extra cost for delivery, a bag full of clubs gets to your location before you do and picked up after you’re done with it, so it totally a hassle and worry-free way to go.

On-Site Pickup and Delivery

Our golf shop provides you with the opportunity to rent a great set of golf clubs for your trip to South Florida. We will deliver and pick up golf equipment to and from any location South Florida. Be sure to inquire about our nationwide shipping options the next time you call.

Golf Club Rentals at a Glance:

  • Have a Complete bag of clubs delivered right to your hotel or resort you are staying, or to the golf course you will be playing.
  • All requests are based upon availability. If browsing our rental packages did not showcase the club set you are looking for, please¬†inquire about it.
  • Each whole set includes a driver, woods, a complete set of irons, a putter, and a golf bag.
  • Rented by the day, weekend or the week.
  • Daily rentals are delivered the day before your outing and picked up after your game.
  • Weekend rentals are available for 2 full days throughout the week
  • Required to reserve by the night before for the following rental day.
  • Golf Rental includes golf balls.

Enjoy convenient golf club rentals from our all-in-one, premium golf rental shop in Miami, Florida.

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