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There is no question about how proficient the guys from Wilson Staff are when it comes to producing impactful pieces of golf equipment, but we can’t avoid to be skeptical on every releases, not even the well-promoted D200 model. All we know is that for us to really believe what the marketing pitch says about D200 is for us to try it ourselves. After all, all we wanted is to play with premium golf clubs. I did the work and here are my findings.

Speed Sole Technology

I was curious about a couple of things about this iron, and the Speed Sole Technology is the first one I wanted to examine. On paper it says this creates a thin face-to-sole transition, I can see that, but I wanted to experience what it can do with my game. After a couple of strikes, I already notice improvements in distance. This feels like a driver in an iron form. I believe the flex on the face supplements the impact when needed generating incredible ball speeds, leading to more distance covered stroke after stroke.


I tried to simulate a lousy game just to see how it performs on an ill-mannered way of playing golf. To my surprise, most of my mishits were covered and forgiven nicely. The large sweet spot, thanks to the heel and toe weight pods, is there to allow that forgiveness. These pods are noticeable by the satin finish they were given. They appear on the exterior of the club head which can drive up MOI.

Playing Style Support

I feel like my type of game is supported by the D200 irons. This may not be true to everyone as we play different styles, but the way I am playing golf, it feels like it’s the only help I wanted. It was easy to get used to. After a couple of strikes, I was able to funnel my motion and energy to it to produce the result I was aiming.

The Right Light™ technology

Trajectories look better playing with D200 irons. I am commending Wilson Staff for putting the right balance between loft settings and weight distributions in these clubs. The Right Light™ technology that it comes with is doing its job in optimizing trajectory and length from fairway to green.

The Overall Look is Okay

If you are very particular with a club’s design, then you might find the D200 irons less attractive than those in the same price range. For me, though, it is fairly okay. For as long as it can do its job performance-wise, the look is the last thing I’d care.

The Verdict

On a scale of 1 to 10, the latter being the highest, I’d give this an 8. It has these little faults (who’s golf club is perfect?), but the benefits you will get for playing with it outweighs the little cons. And yes, it’s worth considering.

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