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Like many other sports, golf presents a distinct set of challenges to any new comer. Golf beginners usually have a long list of fact finding questions that need to be answered before any agreeable progress or improvement is possible. Simply put; having known the correct answers to these typical questions allow a player to make good decisions and progress in the sport the right way. So, what are some the questions beginners of golf usually ask about?

Golf glove, does it offer advantage?

The work of a glove depends on your comfort as a player. Some may not need one for a fine grip that contributes to a better swing provided by gripping with bare hands. Most need one as gripping tight with bare hands in a hard-blowing swing may cause blisters and other palm irritations after a couple of repetition, which blisters will turn into calluses. If you don’t want blisters and calluses, which can cause irritations while holding a club making you ineffective in powering a swing, then you need a glove to avoid them and make yourself comfortable. If gripping with bare hands is giving you more feel of your club, thus allowing you a more concise club maneuver; then you may not need a glove.

Golf etiquette, what is it?

Like in many other sports, there are certain things you must avoid doing as a golf player. While you most certainly will get what you give; that is to say you get negative for giving negative, it’s always a good guideline to stay good all the time. For one, don’t hold up other players. Second, don’t make yourself annoying, distracting other players like making noises or wishing bad luck. Make sure the course is clear before you make a swing. And be sure that you follow sportsmanship and play in the spirit of it.

Fitness, does it matter in golf?

You probably have watched a golf tournament before and you may have felt the players were relaxed and the sport was not as active and physical as basketball and football. While that is true, golf also requires you to play in great condition. Fitness is not just about strength all the way, it’s also about how mentally capable you are. You need your mind and body to be in perfect shape and work effectively together to deliver a performance. In golf you will have to endure 9 or 18 holes in a tournament, and each hole requires you to think of and calculate lies, angles, curves, speed and disturbance in order to get the ball correctly flying to and rolling into the hole. So yes, fitness does matter in golf.

Why do I need a bag of golf clubs?

You probably have been to a golf shop or have seen some professionals play golf and you noticed a bag of clubs and thought why you need all those clubs when you probably can work with only one.

What you saw collected in a golf bag is a set of clubs generally categorized in three different types; woods, irons and putters. You will need a certain type for a particular distance. For instance, the wood is what you’ll work with for long distance shots over 170 yards. For distances about 100 yards; from fairway, bunker or rough to green, you’ll need the irons. For shots in the green, you will need the putter. Each of these clubs will help you complete the each hole the easy way.

Why do I have to practice swinging?

It’s like asking why you need to practice dribbling and shooting in basketball. You can’t just learn to play golf in a day and deliver a great performance the following day. You will need a series of practice to get better each and every passing day.

Golf is scored by how many times you stroke the ball up to the hole, in which case the fewer the strokes, the better player you are. Thus, you’ll need to practice your swing and putts to ensure that you generate the fewest strokes possible to complete a hole. Correct posture is what constitutes a perfect swing. Heels about a shoulder apart and hitting the ball in the middle of the club face are some of the things you need to be mindful about.

Where is the best course to play?

The answer really depends on your preferences as a player. What is best for you may only be good for others, so know what you require of a golf course. Each course presents a unique challenge that’s for sure, and you may also have to look into the extras that come with it. But it’s recommended that you conquer every golf course you’ll find, so you become a more flexible player tested by the many different courses you played at.

What tools do I need to start learning golf?

The answer depends on what type of a beginner you are and what’s already available around you. Some may only need to read golf tutoring books, others require classes and sessions. Some may need a driving or chipping mat, while others don’t because a public course is just across the street. We’ve already written about the 10 tools you need to begin mastering golf in case you need a list to start with. But again, the tools you need depends on which part of your golf play needs improvement and the things you already have access to, so you may want to assess yourself as a beginner first before you hit a Pro shop for some tools.

What were the questions you did ask when you’re just starting to learn to play golf? Let us know by posting it as a comment below.

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