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You are not seeing improvement in your game these past few months and you’re worried your golfing career may land nowhere. Heads up; it’s not yet the end of the world. You still have time to achieve improvement.

There are effective ways to battle lack of improvement, but you have to learn how to look through your plays, assess each and break each down into specific blocks and enforce a staying power in continually measuring your performances and tracking your progress. This may be heavy for you to go through, especially that you’re probably frustrated already or not used to doing this required golf regimen, so here’s some ways to assess your golf skill easy, but effective.

Use game play tracking apps

One of the good things that have been brought by the advancement of the mobile and technology world is the creation and realization of the tailored apps intended to solve particular problems, and the golf industry was one of the beneficiaries of this shift.

There are mobile apps that can help you keep track of your plays and get estimation of your average with just a tap of a button. “My Golf Log” is one particular example of a golf app that can handily help you track of your scores as well as information about your strokes with its GPS capabilities. If money is not a problem though, there’s the “Golf Coach” app that allows you to automatically record videos based on sound. Videos recorded can then be annotated and analyzed. Other options include but are not limited to Groove Golf Swing, iSwing Golf and Best Score.

Take golf assessment tests

The good thing about golf assessment tests is that they can be offered for free by the hosts and schools trying to enroll you on a tailored golf acceleration program. Your decision is paramount to them, so you can say no to the program, but take any of the free assessment tests available. These tests will usually reveal where your weak points are – enough to offer you clues on where you need to focus your game improvement efforts moving forward. Some of the factors assessed through the kind of test includes but are not limited to your basic understanding of golf, playing habits, practice habits, playing style, mental capacity and your goals. Questions under each category are self-defining, so be prepared to realize something.

Enroll in a golf assessment program

Only if you can afford, there are different golf assessment programs out there you can enroll yourself to for a guaranteed improvement. What’s nice about these programs is that they’re equipped with tracking and specialized diagnostic tools that can see the areas of your actions. Details gathered will then be analyzed and any weak areas are given focus and proper resolution. Comparing to practicing in the wide open course, which is also essential, facilities supporting these programs are typically simulated allowing for precise monitoring of your every action. One good example of such program or service is the one offered by Golf Science Center where your near-term and ultimate goals are determined, golf skill evaluated, golf instruction plan developed and provided, progress evaluated and instruction plan modified based on improvement.

The key to achieving improvement in your golf play is to allow yourself more time in fixing parts of your actions that are holding back your performance. You probably have an inappropriate mental approach, part of your swing may have been making your blow insignificant, or perhaps you have the posture problem. No matter what the problem is, you need to know and fix them. And one way for you to know which part of your play is betraying you is to get yourself assessed.

Know a way to effectively assess golf skill? Let’s hear it. Share via the comment box below.

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