Best golf drivers in 2019

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Golf, like many other sports, evolves every year. In the golf driver department, this could mean the drivers that work in 2018 may not be as effective this year, especially considering the new and advanced releases by golf club manufacturers. But not all 2018 golf drivers are good to forget and not all 2019 releases are worth upgrading to. In this regard, these are the golf drivers you should be playing with in 2019.

Callaway Epic Flash/Epic Flash Sub Zero

No. These were not selected for its epic name. But if there is one thing these Callaway drivers can offer you at best that is an epic experience. To make more ball speed to cover extra distance possible, this driver comes packed with a Flash Face technology. The sliding weight track is wicked. The club’s stability on off-center hits is impeccable. And boy, did it really resemble the Olympic mogul.

Cobra King F9 Speedback

Okay. Here is one to compete with the first mentioned driver. It is familiar with its CNC-milled face. Aesthetic-wise, I so love the combination of yellow, black and carbon fiber finish, all of which accentuates the unique aerodynamic features in this club working together to offer more club speed while keeping spin low. Sure, it looks like a predator. Or bumble bee while we’re at it. It is a Cobra statement and it’s not hard to fall for it.

Ping G410 Plus

Up next is the robust-looking driver by Ping, the G410 Plus. If you are one who considers stability above all other things to scrutinize in a club, this does not fail. In fact, it offers you stability to the extreme! What that translates to is mis-hits will feel like center strikers. Who doesn’t want that? It features a movable 16g tungsten weight which can be adjusted on the fly for control over draw or fade while maintaining forgiveness.

PXG 0081 X/XF Gen 2

Here is yet another carbon-fiber built golf driver, but made even more interesting by having the implementation multi-level and varying in thickness to stiffen the structure. This unique usage of the lightweight material ultimately results into low CoG, added stability on off-center hits and distance. The X version is for optimized trajectory, low spin and high speed while the XF variant is for high launch and forgiveness.

TaylorMade M5

This would have been first on this list if we are to consider this list a ranking and having built complexity as a factor, but any of these drivers is really a good option so the number they come doesn’t really mean anything. What makes M5 a standout, however, is the hack in the way it was built just to bring in a faster-flexing face. The construction flirted with USGA limitations and came equipped with two 10g weights in a T-shape track – all to allow us thousands of possible settings to control ball flight.

Playing with the best golf driver in your hand is just one part of the equation. Swing, posture, power, etc. also influence ball flight and speed. If you’ve already figured the other parts and just lack a good driver to play with, above are some good options to start with.

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