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While golf seems easy to play, it can quickly turn into a maddening experience. Have seen those occasional player tantrums? But why such cases happen in golf?

There are many factors that should be attended to especially in the case of ensuring a satisfying golfing experience – one that does not involve you hating yourself. Some look at the quality of golf clubs they’re using, while others just don’t want to miss practice to ensure mastery. Or, it could be just the golf ball.

That is right! You could have mastered your strokes and have the best clubs in the bag, but couple those aspects with the wrong set of golf balls. Curve flight when you wanted straight. Not high enough. Not rolling the extra yards. It just matters to play with the ball having specifications that match your golf clubs and characteristics as a player.

Having said all that, doing research is key before buying golf balls. Here are a few recommended ones this year.

1. Titleist Pro V1/V1x 2019

This four-piece ball should arguably be on every player’s list of a-must golf balls. Historically, comparisons between these two balls have been pretty close. Whereas the Pro V1 gives you a much softer feel, the Pro V1x is much firmer and does not spin much.

Also, unlike its predecessor, the 2017 Pro V1 family, these balls offer much more in terms of feel. For players with higher swing speed, the Pro V1x is the best option of the two. This ball is made for you if you’re an amateur or already a professional in this game looking for the mentioned benefits.

2. Callaway Chrome Soft X

This ball is made using Graphene material which is much stronger and stretchable. Balls made of this material have a much softer and larger inner core giving them more speed. The most amazing thing about Chrome Soft X is the soft feel that even surpasses that of Titleist Pro V1/V1x balls.

To add on that, this Callaway golf ball leaves behind some ways through due to its smaller size, thus maintaining your golf course control. Also, apart from giving you remarkable short-game control, the ball produces a sound that is likeable.

3. Titleist AVX

This three-piece ball is made of cast urethane cover called GRN41 just like the Pro V1x and Pro V1 balls. Apart from having a super soft and demanding feel, the ball also offers extra bounces. It is the only ball in the Titleist family to come in yellow color with a slight matte finish. Generally, this ball offers a soft feel and low spin alternative to the Pro V1 ball.

4. Bridgestone Tour BX

Bridgestone Tour BX is suitable for low-handicap golfers who are in need of a much firmer ball. A firm ball can help you gain decisive long-distance advantage over competitors. Also, this ball brings you exceptional accuracy and control into your game.

Tour BX, even better, goes higher up in the air without standing in the midway, therefore improving on its deliverance rate. Additionally, apart from being available in two distinct colors – white and yellow, the 330 dual dimples will give you the sought-after feel and control.

5. Vice Pro

Apart from being durable and soft, Vice Pro produces some pretty good speeds and is mainly suitable for professionals with high swing speed. Some of its key features include dual casing, a complex 4-piece design, 318 dimple design, and the S2TG tech cover giving it a great green-grabbing control.

6. Volvik Vivid

Volvik Vivid golf ball is manufactured by one of the most renowned golf ball producers, Volvik. Apart from coming in a variety of attention-grabbing colors, its dual-core technology gives it remarkable power and distance coverage. In addition, it delivers a soft feel due to its urethane finish and also possesses a mid-high flight making it ball to consider.

You could find yourself spending some good amount of cash trying to identify the right ball for your weekly eighteen holes. To avoid this scenario, always do your research. If possible, try them out first. Club rentals usually do include balls which you test along with the set of clubs.

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