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There is a boatload of choices when talking about golf irons, so why care for or make a switch to Taylormade’s PSi when you’re already doing fine with your current set of irons?

Well, Taylormade would not have made the PSi model of irons for no valid or compelling reasons, so let’s take a look at what the company has in it for us this time that would make us contemplate about taking the offer or making the switch.

Feel made superior

We are all aware of the vibration the club generates right after impact and we don’t want too much of it. With the new Dynamic Feel System in place, Taylormade has made the feel of the PSi irons ever more superior – with the innovative approach reducing the vibration across the face with the use of a multi-material badge.

Distance made consistent

Yes, you get to enjoy consistent distance using the PSi irons without the compromise. For an iron with such a compact shape, you get reliable and impressive ball speed – thanks to Taylormade’s new cut-thru sole slot and thin sub-2mm face. And to provide mercy on heel and toe mis-hits, the company makes use of a Face Slot Technology mechanism that does the job of preserving the ball speed.

Look made preferred

If the look is one of the factors that will convince you to use a club, you will not be disappointed with the PSi irons as Taylormade made sure they carry the kind of appeal that every golf player will not just like but feel confident about. What’s more is that the irons’s clean and polished look were carefully thought so they don’t just carry the preferred beauty, but also performs the way each configuration is intended. It inspires confidence – perfect for players who need some self-esteem boost while taking the challenges on the course.


With New Cut-Thru Speed Pocket, Face Slots, Multi-Material Damping System with HYBRAR material, Inverted Cone Technology, Sub-2.0mm ultra-thin face and 360* Undercut in place, you have a fully loaded iron model built to help you achieve the kind of performance you needed.

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