Graphite Shaft vs Steel Shaft – Which One to Choose?

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Graphite Shaft vs Steel Shaft

Golf is a game of accuracy and intuition. You take the turf, wind and most importantly the golf shaft into consideration before taking your shot against the competitive golfers out there. Though the turf and the weather conditions may not be in your control, selecting the perfect golf shaft is something you should give utmost… Read more »

Golf: Driving Tips for Beginners (Tee shot guide)

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golf tee shot tips

Still having difficulty hitting that perfect starter shot? It is really tough to get that right harmony in the early stage of your golfing endeavor. In this article, we will give light to what is really going on, why the bad shots and how can we make adjustment to give us that little advantage on… Read more »

Golf Lessons for Beginners in Doral Florida

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golf lessons

Making a head start can sometimes be daunting, scary, but sure is exciting. Just like when you decide to get serious with playing golf and making it a career. You can’t help but doubt if you can do it, especially in each time you produce mishits, unwanted curves, unintended landings.

Golf Putting: Feel Can Lower Score

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Golf Putting Tips

If you have not discovered it already in your time playing golf, feel contributes a lot to the outcome of your game. So, if you are this conscious about lowering your score, but not aware of how feel dictates it most of the time, then you have something to work on — your feel.

Golf for Beginners: 4 Ways to Quickly Learn Playing Golf

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golf for beginners

You witnessed a glorious moment of a pro golfer celebrating a grand win and you feel like it is something you want to experience for yourself too. You started imagining yourself in his shoes and relishing the crowds’ appreciation of the win. In that same moment, you started wondering how you can start playing the… Read more »

How to Re-create a Perfect Swing

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blog recreate perfect swing

That feeling when you hit a perfect shot is just incomparable. It brings the feeling of fulfillment. It makes you feel like you’re more skilled than the other players on the field. It gives you that level of confidence you all so needed to keep you relevant in the game. But there’s just one problem—not… Read more »

Golf Preparation – How to Be Mentally Tough

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To be great at anything, you have to give it your all, and playing the sport of golf is no exception. If you happen to be the golfer who’s been playing for a while now and yet you are still at the same level at which when you started committing yourself to the sport, then… Read more »