5 Must-Have Golf Drivers in 2019

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Best golf drivers in 2019

Golf, like many other sports, evolves every year. In the golf driver department, this could mean the drivers that work in 2018 may not be as effective this year, especially considering the new and advanced releases by golf club manufacturers. But not all 2018 golf drivers are good to forget and not all 2019 releases… Read more »

Must-have Golf Balls in 2019

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must-have golf balls

While golf seems easy to play, it can quickly turn into a maddening experience. Have seen those occasional player tantrums? But why such cases happen in golf? There are many factors that should be attended to especially in the case of ensuring a satisfying golfing experience – one that does not involve you hating yourself…. Read more »

Must-Have Golf Putters in 2019

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Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport 3 Putter

Most of us golf players are challenged about putting since it evokes both frustration and joy. Frustration if you can’t get it going. Joy if you just can’t miss. Two of the chief factors that greatly determine your success in putting is your knack at it and the golf equipment you use. Those that take… Read more »

7 Best Mens Golf Shoes for Beginners

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Improving game performance in golf can be attended by doing things like practicing more often, watching a lot of mentoring videos or enrolling in a golf lesson. It could also be attended by upgrading golf equipment, like switching to a new set of clubs, changing grips, using more comfortable gloves and wearing clothing specifically designed… Read more »

5 Crucial Golf Lessons We Can Learn from 5 Golf Legends

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Golf Legends

When it comes to improving your golf game, there is no better source of inspiration than analyzing the techniques that legends of the game used to dominate the game. It is a very difficult endeavor to objectively rank the best golfers of all time. There are many factors to consider, you need to consider the… Read more »

Golf Handicap: What People Are Asking About It

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Just like in any other sports, players are measured numerically of their likely capability in Golf. This measurement is known in the golf world as handicap. By taking the handicap into consideration, it allows for different players to compete against one another. So, what are people asking about golf handicap? Let’s find out and provide… Read more »