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While the newbies are all-out in practice sessions so that one day they would deserve a spot in the list of the best players to ever play in the league, some that are already on the list are just short of a major win to cement their legacy.

Yes, we are talking about those players who have been performing very well, in fact, those who have won in different golf events, but just couldn’t finish at the top of a major contest. If you have not heard of who they are, probably because only the winner gets the majority of the attention, I have 5 on my list that I am about to share with you. Read on.

Lee Westwood

You have probably heard of the guy’s consistency. But no matter how consistent he is, and despite being an elite for winning tournaments on five continents, he has not a major title in his profile. Yes, he’s prolific in Australia, North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, he’s even recognized as player of the year in 3 separate seasons, but all to no avail of a major. He’s been trying, though, which resulted in 11 top 5s in majors.

Thomas Bjorn

Here is another guy who also attempted a lot, but always come up short to winning a major. If you’re from Denmark, you probably have learned of this European Tour player’s accomplishments in the league. In fact, his impressive profile made him the most successful Danish golfer to have played golf. In his major appearances, five of those he ended up in the top 5. So close.

Matt Kuchar

Recognized as one of the consistent players on the tour, he has won seven PGA Tours in over 12 years. And if that is not impressive enough, let’s add that fact that he recorded over 80 top-10 finishes. But of all his major appearances, he only managed eight top 10s thus far. Is he due to win a major? Absolutely! Will he win one soon? That’s up to the bronze medalist for golf at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Steve Stricker

Here is yet another American professional golf player who has been playing impressive golf, but just could not get a major win under his belt. What he has instead is 13 top 10s in majors. That’s still impressive. Besides, I believe he is enjoying more of the other golf events than trying to take home a major. He’s been successful outside major. There’s the $42 million he raked on tour to prove that along with 12 PGA Tour wins.

Rickie Fowler

Who remembers this guy as the number one ranked amateur golfer in the world for 37 weeks in 2007 and 2008? I do and that’s a crazy start! He is still young and yet he has already five top 5s in majors since 2011 in his resume. Is he trying to win one recently? I believe he is at the stage of rebuilding himself. I, for one, would like to see him try for another run for the major.

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