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When it comes to improving your golf game, there is no better source of inspiration than analyzing the techniques that legends of the game used to dominate the game. It is a very difficult endeavor to objectively rank the best golfers of all time. There are many factors to consider, you need to consider the number of wins, the competition that the golfer faced during his playing time as well as the impact that the golfer had during his career.

For the purpose of this article, we will focus on the impact that a golfer had on the game. The five golf legends that we will focus on are Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones and Arnold Palmer.

1. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is considered by most fans of the game, as well as his contemporaries, as being the best golfer of all time. Recognized as a future great during his youth, Tiger officially announced his arrival to Golfing by obliterating a strong field of accomplished veterans during the 1997 Masters where he set the record (which he would later break in 2000) for the largest lead.

There is a lot that the budding golfer can learn from Tiger Wood’s exceptional career. Most importantly, he brought the aspect of athleticism to the game. Prior to his success, most golfers never focused on their physical fitness as an integral part of the game. Tiger showed that athleticism can significantly improve your game. If you look at the training regimen adopted by current golfers such as Rory McIlroy, it is evident that Tiger Woods has changed the game forever.

2. Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus is the other golfer who has a legitimate stake to the ‘best golfer of all time’ title. He still holds the record for the most major wins with 18 titles under his belt (Tiger Woods has ‘only’ 14). If something can be learnt from Nicklaus’ career it is how to plan for tournaments. Jack Nicklaus was very selective about the tournaments that he played. Instead of playing every tournament, he spent his time studying the courses and improving his game for the main tournaments. His accomplishments show that your game can improve if you spend enough time preparing and perfecting your game.

3. Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones is considered to be the single most influential player who left a mark on the game of golf. He won his first major in 1923 and in 1930 became the first golfer to win all the four major titles (known as the grand slam) in a single season. He founded the Masters tournament and was the first global ambassador of the game. His biggest impact though is the fact that he designed the first steel shafted golf clubs. A golfer should not be hesitant to adopt high tech techniques and equipment to improve their game.

4. Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan, whose career spans between 1930 and 1971 is considered to be amongst the best strikers of the ball in golfing history. Most people attribute his success to his unique golf swing that is yet to be successfully emulated. He was involved in a near fatal car crash in 1949, and although doctors at the time thought he would never walk again, in less than a year he was back to golfing. His subsequent career shows the important of mental fortitude in the game of golf.

5. Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer is regarded as being the first true golfing superstar due to the number of fans that became interested in the sports due to his presence. His list of accomplishments is exemplary, but his most defining feature was the risks that he took in his game. He was never afraid of trying something new (and often outrageous) during a game, which is something that all budding golfers need to emulate.

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