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Want to know whether the C200 by Wilson Staff you are considering of upgrading to is a good value for your money? I got asked by someone whether the C200 is worth buying and I thought others, like you, might be asking the same question, too.

It’s really up to you to tell if C200 is a worthy piece, after all each of us play golf our own way, differently. However, if you are, at the moment, as confused as the others, here are things you will like and not like about Wilson Staff’s C200 iron model.

The things you will like about the C200 irons:

It’s very playable – playability matters to every golfer, thus each club is normally tested against it. Fortunately, tests of the C200 proved it’s a playable companion on the course. It can give a consistent mid-high flight and it plays nice in situations where wind could distract the ball as it flies and cuts through the air.

It can forgive ill shots – with a broad sweet spot, C200 can make thin contacts go just about as desired. The same spot also can help generate accurate shots, perfect for players who want to be on target most of the time. Even toe strikes can go unnoticed.

It can help you achieve greater distance – C200 can seriously punch the ball to achieve the desired distance, not to mention it’s decent on chips and pitches. Just imagine a 10 yard gain from what you previously can – thanks to the “Power Holes,” which flexes the face more at impact and as a result kicking the ball a little more. Distance, with FLX Face represented by those pockets of polymer in place, is very possible with this iron model.

The feel is there – crack through the ball feels warm. It feels strong and solid, and impact sounds great. Any problem with vibration is handled by the polymer insert and power transitions smoothly through the swing. Overall, it’s a pleasant, confident-boosting piece of companion on the course.

It looks gorgeous – supplementing the feel is an encouraging appeal of the C200 – thanks to the Urethane material and the mix of interesting elements making up the club. It’s attractive and packs the right amount of offset. With this in your hands, other players simply can’t avoid taking a look.

KBS Tour 90 shaft is a quality boost – perfect for those who found great help in KBS shaft as a companion for a well-featured clubhead like the C200’s. It’s responsive, light and complements the C200 head well.

It’s a contender – because of the way this playable iron was built, a midsized cast, multi-material head and the power it can help generate, this can easily be a piece to contend against the best in the Game Improvement category.

The things you will not like about the C200 irons:

This might not be for beginners – C200 can take a while to get used to. This may become a problem for players who always struggle when switching to a different iron model.

Control can be tough to master – like getting used to, controlling C200 to produce the desired outcome on the course might not come in handy. Unless you’re the type of player who can easily adapt to new or unorthodox club configuration, controlling C200 can be a problem in the beginning.

Overall, C200 brings a very much likeable set of irons. They look unique and performs as you would expect.

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