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You are probably shopping for a new set of irons right now that can help make your plays better on the course. Now, I know there is a lot of options in the market coming from and well-designed by the competing brands, but you are here because you are thinking about the CB 714 irons offered by Titleist and the promises it comes with. You are not one to easily get persuaded by a well-crafted official product description, so you look for reviews. Well, I did spend some time playing with these irons and I am impressed. My finding is that these irons are worth switching to, and here are a couple of reasons why.

They are familiar

If you have played the 712 CB irons before like I did or you are currently playing with the 712s, the 714 versions are not so distant in terms of easy to get used to. Familiarity is particularly a good thing when you want the same experience, but needing some extra features built in to cover other playing issues. This is exactly what Titleist did. They modeled the 714s from the 712s and added a few tweaks, thus making these versions of the CB irons better than the previous versions.

However, if you find the great similarly between the versions a problem, then it’s the only “cons” I see playing with CB 714 irons.

Turf interaction is better

I always hate it when there is an obvious disagreement between the turf and the sole or more particularly the heel – toe camber of the club. Rough almost always follows and it feels like you are committing a bad stroke. With the 714 CB irons, though, the interaction is way smoother and it is helping the ball go through its intended path. I actually thought these are among the best performing irons, in terms of turf interaction, that I have tested so far.

Rich in features

As mentioned, Titleist designed these irons to come with a few more tweaks that are geared towards helping players improve their game than the versions they succeeded. Having tried a couple of shots, I realized that the traditional constant blade length provided me with maximum shot control I so demand from irons. The increased camber and blended width progression provided me with a high performance sole to work and play around with. I also noticed the slightly reduced blade height in the heel which made the short irons compact and easy to maneuver.

Like I said, the 714 CB irons are worth switching to. But if it really fits your profile and style of play, that’s another story. One way to find out is to try and test it against your ability.

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