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In today’s golf equipment market the ongoing trend is obviously toward more sophisticated and interesting names to try and catch the consumer’s taste in any way possible. However, there are only few famous brands out there that are still committed to tradition and the plain evolution in their product lines. Titleist is one of those companies. As the year moves on, the company is delivering new irons to market, but in the same names players have used to know like the AP1 and AP2 forged irons. THP was lucky enough to obtain the opportunity to insert one of those lines, the 714 AP’2 through their speeds to find out whether the same name suggested the same performance.

Design/Technical Innovation

Having 712 AP2 irons is a great gear for any golfer. These AP2 irons have the look and appeal of a desirable players club. Some tournament players including topnotch club fitter of today say that AP2 chassis meets the perfect shape and size sought by avid golfers.

The major change from the previous AP2 is a remodeled sole support that’s lighter but enables more weight in the heel and toe to increase the MOI and generate consistent ball speeds across the clubface.

AP2’s technology packed multi material design allows the Titleist engineers the capacity to move force to the perimeter and shift the center of gravity that only game improvement irons could perform in the past. Kudos to Titleist for designing and promoting a first-class iron with nothing spared to save money.


The consistent multi-material head design of Titleist 714 AP2 irons has a direct connection to their ability to progressively maneuver the center of gravity throughout the set. These clubs also combine the movement of CG with changeable face thickness in order to hit what they regard as optimal launch and trajectory characteristics. Basically, Titleist moved the center of gravity in the extended irons and matched it with a thinner face for loftier launch and deliver while moving the CG a little higher in the shorter irons and matching it that with a chunkier face for a flatter total trajectory to avoid ballooning.

What’s Hot

Steeper topline and slightly squarer toe – the redesigned appearance and subtle changes of AP2 irons are notable improvements. Titleist gets both the little and big things right.

What’s Not

Most complaints raised against this metal construction relate to the thickness of the topline. Some would argue that they don’t like it, but others throw that the cosmetic may be fooling some eyes. My only concern though is the price tag which was set a little higher for this model.

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