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9th of September, 2015 the golf community got excited when TaylorMade announced its latest equipment in the driver category – the M1 driver. Tagged as the first ‘Unmetalwood’ product family by the company, the M1 series is expected to level up everyone’s game in the driving station. It’s been available in the market since October 8 at a retail price of $499. Let’s take a closer look at the things you will love about revolutionary driver.

The T Dial

One of the features that is very noticeable and revolutionary in this driver is the T-Track System. With a total of 25g moveable weight, you can dial the weights from the tracks and make the club a lot more customized to the shot you want to achieve. This system is integrated low on the sole in order for the club to still maintain a low Center of Gravity regardless of moveable weight positions to deliver optimum trajectory.

The horizontal track

Where the horizontal track is very useful is when the situation or course challenge demands for a draw or fade on the ball flight. You can simply adjust the 15g moveable weight in the front/horizontal track by sliding it from heel to toe or vice versa to force either a draw or fade. Of course, when the course is straight forward, you will just have to move the weight at the very center of the track for the neutral shot.

The vertical track

On the other hand, for situations that require backspin control and launch angle correction. This works by moving the 10g of movable weight by sliding it from front to back and vice versa to force a backspin of up to 300rpm. The dial also affects the launch angle up to 0.8 degree. Simply, if you demand high trajectory, move the weight farther back. For low trajectory, move the weight dial to the very front. This also means that for mid trajectory requirement, all you have to do is set the weight in the middle of the track. This is very helpful for the challenging surface that lies ahead.

The very attractive look

While the appearance of any club can’t be used to tell performance or usefulness on the course, it sure does help in the confidence department and the M1 driver is not only very good looking, it’s an easy to configure alignment aid one should be playing with on the course.


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