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For so many years, Mizuno has been working day and night to bring golfers tools that can help them surpass the challenges on course. One of their recent offering is the S5 Wedge which is marketed to offer elite feel and shot control. Will it deliver to its promise? To find out is to look for the things that created Mizuno’s S5 Wedge.


S5 is not just a new shape you can find in Mizuno’s arsenal. This new construction also brings the sought-after feel. To secure that, Mizuno made it from a single billet of 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon steel, so the demand for soft, solid and consistent feel combo is guaranteed. This thing is forged in Hiroshima Japan at Mizuno’s exclusive plant!


What better way to provide the control needed on shots is the quad cut grooves and milled face that Mizuno equipped the S5 Wedge. This CNC milled groves, which is made conforming to regulation, and the increased surface roughness allow golfers of all levels to have the ball stopping spin needed on every demanding situations. For higher lofts demand, there’s a wider shallow grove option. For lower lofts, a deeper narrower groove option is also available.


To give the S5 Wedge versatile sole grinds, Mizuno worked with Luke Donald to whom the distinct visible sole grinds were inspired. The collaboration brought up a larger profile wedge now known as the S5. The marriage of creative ideas made the S5 versatile for a variety of shots and lies. It simply makes you the commander on the course you need yourself to be.


I have to say that I’ve been a fan of white satin finishes on clubs. With the S5 Wedge’s introduction though, I have to admit that Blue Ion finish rocks! It is gorgeous and eye-catching. I know the look has nothing to do with the performance and it surely does something to one’s confidence, which in turn will you more effective on the course, so it is really a big bonus to have the option.


Of course, you can custom the S5 to a fit of your liking. You can upgrade it to the shaft, grip or set up you preferred. Though, the Dynamic Gold Wedge Flex as the standard steel shaft, or even the Mizuno Orochi as the standard graphite shaft, is actually a great match for the S5.

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