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Holding an impressive reputation for its range of best looking irons in the market, Mizuno Golf continues to surprise its valued customers year after year. This time, the foremost company introduces a revolutionary product fashioned to exemplify the art of shotmaking – we’re talking about the latest Mizuno MP-4 irons.


While many of us call for some innovative releases, [goingout to=””]Mizuno’s array of golf clubs[/goingout] has always met the standards of its clientele. In fact, golfers have considered [goingout to=””]MP-4 as a work of art[/goingout]. This only shows that Mizuno has gone further than superficial to make such clubs really sleek and playable.

The MP-4 is the freshest of forged muscle backs for shot-makers finding the eventual control over their ball flight. As a result of [goingout to=””]Mizuno’s patented grain Flow Forging process[/goingout] matched with bulging muscle structure that extends loftier up the clubface, this iron carries a longer and softer sense of impact. The muscle bulge factor is most excellent in the scoring irons and reduces down through to the slim extended irons – where design prominence is set on creating a swift launch and sharper landing angle to strike down flags.

Technical Innovation

Mizuno MP-4 irons boast various technical innovations. The bulging muscle design guarantees thickness behind contact for solid feel. The shotmaker’s profile comprises thin top line and reduced offsets that aids in ball flight manipulation. For trajectory control, the iron features variable muscle bulge in the short irons. In terms of compact quality, MP-4 is more compact compared to its forerunners by virtue of the new profile 8-PW. Above all, the awesome golf club gives you an enhanced feel because of its grain flow forged technology made from a single mild carbon steel billet (1025E Pure Select). Inclusive with the product is custom set make ups available in assorted sets or with MP-H4 long iron option.


While testing MP-4 Iron, it didn’t give me hard time to realize that it’s not really difficult to hit as I expected. As a matter of fact, I started to get into a cool groove with them after having just a few shots and my confidence leveled up with each shot that worked as planned. One remarkable thing I observed is the sublime feel you get while doing a well struck shot. I just can’t ignore that addicting soft sensation of the golf ball thawing onto the clubface at impact. If you assume a shot or catch one a little bit weighty you surely know it, but there isn’t a more clean feeling than a powerful struck shot with the Mizuno MP-4 blades.


MP-4 Blades’ extra mass amplifies its “Harmonic Number”, the frequencies made at impact that golfers unite with feel. Tweaking the muscle pad shape ensures that the frequencies have even levels for a more pleasing sound at impact, a thing golfers rave about.

Mizuno MP-4 blades are ideal for knock down shots and a great blade for great players!


MP-4 is not fitted for the faint hearted golfer. We can only imagine of using them to their optimum potential. If you miss the sweet spot, then you’ll be penalized as the ball just goes nowhere. Finally, this blade is perfect for the scratch or better player.

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