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Two British companies have planned a new strategic joint venture, which assures to bring genuine ‘Miami-style’ themed adventure golf courses to the UK.

Surrey-based [goingout to=””]Weller Designs[/goingout], one of the most successful and prominent golf design firms in the region, is to partner with [goingout to=””]Adventure Golf Limited[/goingout] to serve the increasing demand for golf adventure courses in United Kingdom and Europe.

Neil Kimberly, head of Yorkshire-based Adventure Golf Limited, said that they will bring a new level of innovation and expertise to this often-misconstrued area of the sport. He added that a well-designed adventure golf course catches a very comprehensive demographic, regardless of gender, age, agility or ability, and can bring an intact profit within the initial 18-24 months.

The enormous experience of Weller Designs in carrying successful projects and their capacity to produce top-notch Miami-style golf courses complements well with the ability of Adventure Golf Limited to take your dream from the stage of planning to realization.

Bruce Weller expressed that as a company, they are expanding and are always improving their golf design portfolio to perfectly fit with the current ventures they are doing. According to him, having an adventure golf course can be very lucrative, but it can be risky to secure the proper planning permission, even before you start creating the magic. He is confident that Neil’s design talents and their expertise are going to shepherd this kind of project through to success. This partnership is expected to provide the best single adventure golf resource for all golf operators or promising adventure golf investors.

Miami-style themed adventure golf courses are radically different from crazy golf putting or prefabricated golf courses, which existed as a time-honored sight at English seaside resorts. Such golf destinations are generally intended for families, golfers and non-golfers alike. It offers ricochet-style golf where the ball stays all the time while playing, and normally feature eye-captivating, family-oriented themes such as pirates and dinosaurs, plus interesting touches of caves and rafts for the participants to negotiate.

Weller Designs has created world-class golf courses in Ireland, France, Italy, Russia, Portugal, Peru, Thailand, South Africa, USA, as well as extensively within the shores of UK.

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