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It is a fact that a greater part of the population is right-handed as is majority of the golfing population. This leads us to the obvious reality that manufactured golf clubs are designed mostly for the right-handed. However, there are many left-handed individuals who play golf as well, and same with those of the right-handed influence, there are specific swing tips left-handed people can apply to improve their skills.

Club Grip

Many left-handed golf players suffer from frail grip, which can cause disorder on a golf swing, most especially resulting in a slice. Hold the club firmly to avoid this, ensuring that the club goes across the left palm from the base of the forefinger to just on top of the little finger. Ensure not to shift the grip into the fingers because this can inflict a hurried swing, resulting in a hook. Meanwhile, shifting the grip more into the palm will usher to a slower swing and an unwanted slice.

Appropriate Clubs

One of the most crucial factors behind a successful golf swing is a set of tough, dependable golf clubs. However, golfers who are left-handed face a much more restricted selection, specifically for those shopping at a minor outlet or retailer. Settling for an average or ill-fitting set of left-handed golf clubs can paralyze a golfer’s game. Rather than settling for mediocre items, seek advice from a golf store that offers an array of left-handed sets or can custom fit and size a particular suite of clubs readily for left-handed players. This will aid in giving you a better swing.

Don’t Swing Right-Handed

Out of the world’s total population, only 10 to 15 percent are left-handed and it’s surprising to know that left-handed golfers are actually lower than this figures. Some attribute this to the reality that a number of lefties simply assume they’re right-handed golfers due to a scarcity of equipment. While some players readjust their swings to survive as righties, others never succeeded in learning it for the simple basis that they’re swinging from the wrong portion of the tee.

Acquire Left-Handed Instruction

Another trouble for leftie golfers looking to improve is the fact that they are taught by an instructor who is right-handed. Although this may be effective in certain situations, most lefties would be served better using a golf instructor who is also left-handed. By this reason, the instruction is more streamlined and well-organized process. This may take a significant time in terms of searching a left-handed instructor,

Another problem for left-handed golfers looking to improve is that they work with an instructor who is right-handed. While this may work in certain instances, most lefties would be better served using an instructor who is also left-handed, thereby making the instruction a more streamlined and efficient process. While this could take more time in terms of finding a left-handed instructor, consult local golf retailers and golf course professionals, as these are primary sources for tracking down exact types of golf instructors.

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