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That feeling when you hit a perfect shot is just incomparable. It brings the feeling of fulfillment. It makes you feel like you’re more skilled than the other players on the field. It gives you that level of confidence you all so needed to keep you relevant in the game. But there’s just one problem—not every shot is perfect.

As a golfer who wants to stay ahead of the competition, your ultimate goal is to deliver great shots most, if not all, of the time. However, great shots only come after perfect swings (of course, except for those instances where luck kicks in). If you’ve already made a couple of perfect swings, you should be very familiar of how it works. But how do you recreate it when you need it most?

Stop overthinking

You know that time when you just can’t stop worrying about the outcome. It puts you in a state where there is just a lot of things going on in your mind. This is bad! For one, it hinders you from employing the concentration level necessary to produce an effective swing.

Remember how it feels

This is a fine trick. Remembering how it feels brings you in a state where you feel proud and confident. This is what you need to get your game going. Remember how the swing went that leads to a perfect ball landing. The nerves in your body. The stretch of the twist. The spot in the club where the ball hits. The impact. The vibration. Remember how good it feels.

Drop the technicality

Golf is a game of feel—at least this is how the Pros tackle the game and produce desirable outcome. But no one can blame you if you focus more on technical perfection. After all, you have to be in the correct posture, alignment, angle, etc. But here’s a thing though, do you think poor shots are a result of a missed fundamental? Sometimes you just have to feel it and hit the ball.

Define a trigger

Now, this one is very important. The key to re-create those effect swings and lead to great shots you previously delivered is to develop a physical trigger that bypasses the analytical process and just swing freely. Sports professionals commonly refer to this as power moves. The execution depends on your characteristic as a player. In fact, this can also be the action that you repeat, sometimes unknowingly, consistently. Once you have a trigger, use this to remember a successful moment and to transition your state from thinking to feeling.

There you have it! Also, remember that practice makes it perfect. So, practice above and see where you can go from there.

Do you have a different way of re-creating a perfect swing? Let us know in the comments below.

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