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Still having difficulty hitting that perfect starter shot? It is really tough to get that right harmony in the early stage of your golfing endeavor. In this article, we will give light to what is really going on, why the bad shots and how can we make adjustment to give us that little advantage on the course. And so, without further ado, here are some driving tips to consider.

Nudge the ball

What I meant by that is to position the ball where more weight can be transferred to it at address. But before I explain how to exactly do that and where the sweet spot is, let’s understand why steep angle shots is persistent.

The reason for steep angle shots really is due to the mistake unwantedly committed in distributing weight. When weight is too much on your left side with the ball back in your stance, it affects the accuracy and quality of the strike.

To correct this, get the ball forward in your stance. Doing this it positions more weight behind the ball facilitating the weight transfer giving you that quality shot you are looking for.

Stick your backside out

If you are wondering about what to do to deliver a powerful shot from the driving range, the key here is to ensure good posture. This brings us back to understanding how crucial posture and alignment is to producing an impactful shot.

What to avoid here really is to commit the unwanted ‘c’ shape spine at address. This by far is one of the common mistakes that has been bugging unsuspecting golf players.

That is to say that the next you prep for that starter shot, make sure you straighten your spine. This enables your body to swing accordingly, keep the club swoosh in the correct path and gives your play more dynamic.

Correct the tee

Did you know that by being critical with the tee can allow you more yardage per starter shot?

The key thing to watch out for here is the height of the tee. Ideally, you should adjust its height so the top of the driver is in the same level as the middle of ball.

By correcting the height of the tee alone can help you deliver that ideal ball flight with less backspin which in turn translates into more yardage.

Keep up your arm speed

Because you already hit the ball does not mean you stop the swing just after impact because you feel it’s already pointless. This is a mistake. This can lead to unwanted outcomes.

There is more that can be gained if you keep the swing motion until it’s finish. Maintaining your arm speed can produce good rhythm and flow through impact.

There you have the driving tips. Do them and start seeing improvement in your tee shots.

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