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If you have not discovered it already in your time playing golf, feel contributes a lot to the outcome of your game. So, if you are this conscious about lowering your score, but not aware of how feel dictates it most of the time, then you have something to work on — your feel.

Feel affects control. Simply, if you are not feeling it, there goes the lack of control of the forces within your setup leading to an outcome different from what you have projected. The lack of feel can sabotage your game. Thus, developing feel is highly necessary if you want to drop the number of strokes needed to put the ball in the cap.

To develop feel, you need to be competent with a few fundamentals and be able to deliver them with less care.

Putting setup

By all means, you need to get this right. Correctly setup putting can produce an agreeable outcome as this enables the stroke to flow naturally. That is to say if setup is a mess in the first place, you can tell the outcome is going to frustrate you.

Putting stroke

This one is easy to learn, but quite a test to generate a feel for. You will know you’re in the right track when it does not mean anything to you whether you are following the process of doing it right or not.

The line

And it is not just about feeling the putter, it is also about feeling the trail the ball will take before it hits the cap. This can be tricky as slopes are involve. Thus, understanding the angle or direction the ball will ride the surface is crucial.

If you are still struggling in any of the above points, here are a couple of tips you can act upon.

Aim over setup – here’s a secret to producing effective putts through the line ahead of you — aim the putter before you get yourself ready for the stroke.

Customize your putter – since putters are employed at the closing of a hole, it takes most of the weight in terms of your score. Thus, a failure for a putter to work the way you needed could mean a slip and a padded score.

Practice plan – practice makes it perfect, so they say and it’s true. If something is dragging your game down, inability of some sort, practice for it until you’ve uncovered a way to make it work.

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