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You witnessed a glorious moment of a pro golfer celebrating a grand win and you feel like it is something you want to experience for yourself too. You started imagining yourself in his shoes and relishing the crowds’ appreciation of the win. In that same moment, you started wondering how you can start playing the game too and then – the road blocks. All of sudden you found yourself dragging your mind back into reality as uncertainty starts flooding your thoughts. We feel you! But if you are really serious about getting started in playing golf, here are ways to start learning quickly.

Connect to a player

Get in touch with a regular, if not a Pro, player. Bring up your contact list and start looking for someone who’s been playing golf. If there is none you can find, look for those who might know someone who does. When you are in touch with someone who’s in the game, ask kindly for guidance. Be prepared to take down notes as this could potentially expose you to a bunch of tips and things to do. Just remember to act upon the tips and things you should do as recommended.

Youtube as a tool

Who says Youtube is only for entertainment? The giant search engine for videos is also home to millions of video tutorials including the ones related to golf. All you have to do is access the website and type in golf related queries like “how to play golf” or “golf tips and tricks” in the search box and you will be presented with countless of relevant golf tutoring videos that could help you speed up your golf learning. While watching, pick up useful hints and try and see if it works for you.

Go out and play the game

“But I don’t have my golf equipment to begin with.” Ah, that excuse that could hinder you from learning more about the sport. Well, here’s a thing. The best way to learn golf is to play golf. Yes, advices from players and video tutorials can help you understand the game, but to actually try and do it yourself gives you more than what the theory can offer. It exposes you to real scenarios where you can develop your approach as a player.

There are two 3 options you have to solve the “no golf equipment” problem.

  1. Buy golf clubs – the obvious option and why not. Since you are heading to developing your own golf career, it is just right to buy your own golf clubs.
  2. Borrow golf clubs – the no-cost option, especially when you don’t have the money yet to buy your own set of golf clubs. This works when you have golf players in your circle of friends that are willing to lend you their equipment. However, there is just one downside – the golf clubs might not be your perfect fit and it matters.
  3. Rent golf clubs – the alternative to buying your own. Compared to buying your own clubs, this option is cost-effective. But unlike borrowing, renting golf clubs allows you to choose a club set that fits your characteristics. It allows you to play with only the brand you like. It also helps you test golf sets that you may consider buying in the future.

Have a coach or trainer

If all else fail and you are the type of player who learns more and effectively when somebody from the sideline is watching over your moves and telling you what to do, then have a coach. There are golf trainers you can hire to teach you the essentials of the sport. This comes with a price tag, unless you know someone who can give this for free, but it should outweigh the things you will learn from the coaching that might not be accessible when contacting a friend for advice or watching over video tutorials.

Golf, like many other sports, requires time and commitment to learn. Be ready to spend time and commit to what you want to become – a golf player. Do the ways presented above and act upon the things you find useful.

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