7 Best Mens Golf Shoes for Beginners

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Improving game performance in golf can be attended by doing things like practicing more often, watching a lot of mentoring videos or enrolling in a golf lesson. It could also be attended by upgrading golf equipment, like switching to a new set of clubs, changing grips, using more comfortable gloves and wearing clothing specifically designed… Read more »

5 Crucial Golf Lessons We Can Learn from 5 Golf Legends

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Golf Legends

When it comes to improving your golf game, there is no better source of inspiration than analyzing the techniques that legends of the game used to dominate the game. It is a very difficult endeavor to objectively rank the best golfers of all time. There are many factors to consider, you need to consider the… Read more »

Golf Handicap: What People Are Asking About It

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Just like in any other sports, players are measured numerically of their likely capability in Golf. This measurement is known in the golf world as handicap. By taking the handicap into consideration, it allows for different players to compete against one another. So, what are people asking about golf handicap? Let’s find out and provide… Read more »

Stephen Curry as a PRO Golf Player after Basketball – Why Not?

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The Golden State Warriors has been an enormous force in the NBA this season particularly that they are dominating the playoffs thus far. And who would not know Stephen Curry and his impressive basketball game, especially those high-arcing 3-point shots from way beyond the arc, when talking about GSW. But can you picture the impressive… Read more »

Impressive Golf Players who are a Major Win Short

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Okay, so it turned out there is not only 5 prolific golfers who have not won a major yet. Thus, it prompts for a part 2 of the players who are doing great except winning a major article which was posted in here two weeks ago. Without further ado, below are five more well-performing players… Read more »

Golf Putter Selection Checklist: Things to keep in mind

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Your putter is as important as the other clubs in your bag. In fact, your dream of becoming one of the greatest golf players could be in trouble when you play with a putter that does not supplement your characteristics as a player. Thus, choosing and playing with the right golf putter is crucial to… Read more »