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Most, if not all, golf players want their clubs to allow them to make full use of their swing power and be able to control the transition of power from the club to the ball at the same time. This feature demand makes golf club designers work the clock in order to come up with a set of golf clubs that can provide this to golfers out of the box. Callaway, in this regard, might have something that agrees to these conditions with the release of the X2 Hot irons.

Callaway introduced X2 Hot Irons as pieces of golf equipment that can provide explosive distance and control. Of course, we can’t just have confidence in what the papers are saying. We want actual proofs that it is what it is being presented as, thus this article. We want to know the goods and bad about this golf equipment, and if it is worth upgrading/switching to.

The goods:

Shots are repeatable and responsive.

If you ever want your shots to be easy, repeatable and most of all responsive, then X2 Hot is a piece to have and play with. Under the Max Game-Improvement category, this piece is one of the few to actually allow room for creative striking. Its graceful sole plays nice within the greens.

Precision is there

X2 Hot irons are a great follower of motion and intention. Simply, you can expect accuracy and a little forgiveness playing with these clubs. It gets that ball where you want it.

Distance you want, you get

You might, at times, challenge your clubs to help you go the extra yards. Well, you’ll learn to respect what the X2 Hot irons can provide you in that area. Our tests yield us impressive results, distance-wise. Even on off-center hits you will get a fair landing.

There is more feedback

If we are to compare X2 Hot irons with those in the same category, it offers more feedback. It can offer you the kind of response you want out of mastering your way around the greens. You may find it lightweight like I do, but overall you can trust its stability approaching the turf.

It’s more than what it looks

I like the way the aesthetics goes in X2 Hot irons. They have this traditional vibe, a tried and tested appeal.

The bads:

Can be too demanding

Not only do we demand the clubs to do something for us, but sometimes the clubs also require us to do something for them to work well. Playing the X2 Hot irons, particularly the longer ones, might be one of the instances where the clubs demand too much in return.

A bad swing is a bad swing

I know I mentioned that off-center hits are fairly handled by the X2 Hot irons. However, when it is really a bad shot, it doesn’t shy away from telling and making you feel that.

The verdict:

I want to end this by answering the question whether it is worth upgrading/switching to or not. Simply, this model belongs to the high ranking ones. It is best used by high-handicappers. Regardless, because it fits one doesn’t mean it fits all. Certainly, it’s worth upgrading to if your existing equipment can no longer keep up with your growth in the sport. Trying it out yourself is the best way to find out.

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