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Callaway is well-recognized to offer contending golf equipment for years to players of all levels and one of their latest offerings to prove this statement is still valid in the company’s philosophy and ecosystem is the Big Bertha Alpha 815 Hybrid. Let’s take a look at the reasons why more and more golfers are considering this new offer by Callaway a big shot maker.

Forgiving and easy to hit

For the many of us who always demand forgiveness and ease in hitting the golf ball, the Alpha 815 is here to satisfy that very demand. Comparing to the Big Bertha Hybrid, the Alpha 815 has a heavier, stiffer shaft which makes it easier to work with. High flying ball can still be achieved, but most importantly, the hybrid’s trajectory can be lowered easily. It comes with an adjustable hosel that allows you to control lie, loft and face angle so you end up with the ball flight you prefer.

Appreciable feedback improvement

For those who belong to the “better players” category, there is another reason to enjoy using the Big Bertha Alpha 815 Hybrid on demanding plays. This hybrid offers a more muted and dull feedback, like an iron, instead of the high pitched and metallic sound, which you would observe from a fairway wood. And to bring in a plausible feel, Alpha 815 is made heftier with an 80-gram Speeder shaft.

Good looking hybrid

Big Bertha Alpha 815 Hybrid is undeniably a good looking club, which is sure to boost the confidence of anyone using it. Comparing to the Big Bertha model, this hybrid is noticeably smaller, but not too small to be doubtful playing with. The chevron alignment aid is also not there, which is a welcome exclusion. It is also unique with its tall face and high toe features that many players prefer – I, for one, likes having this particular feature in a hybrid club.


It is a hybrid golf club model that is very much capable of giving you the necessary increase in consistency and proving the kind of forgiveness that is always wanted. This sleek package is a big-time shot maker by Callaway that can get the ball soaring high, showcasing a tour-like trajectory. It is dependable and responsive to directional commands at the same time. It is the kind of hybrid club that delivers without the players having to sacrifice the preferred look and feel.

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