Basic Yet Practical Tips One Can Take to Become a Better Golfer

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You are here because your golf game is not improving and you need help. Well, you need not to go far and seek advanced methodologies to start seeing improvement. Sometimes, doing better at the basics is enough to set the path to a new and improved you. Here are some basic yet practical tips you need to learn and do best to become a better golfer.

Be patient

It is not like you’ll get a hold of it and master everything in one session or practice, and it is definitely okay to produce poor shots. To not disappoint yourself early and to allow yourself to grow as the type of player you wanted to become, put forward an incredible amount of patience. This allows you to stop beating yourself for the poor shots you will unwantedly produce and to be open in situations where you have to learn things from.


Like in any other sports, planning allows one to be prepared for any possible scenario that may occur during the stretch of the event. And since golf can present challenges that can easily drop confidence at any moment, not to mention those kinds of challenges that come as a result of a bad shot or mishit, what a serious golfer can do is plan for it. You can tackle planning by visualizing potential unwanted scenarios and asking yourself if you can handle such scenarios. And whether you’re ready for it or not, the next tip should be done.


Planning brings us to doing the necessary practice to seal it and to put it to effect. So, for instance, planning uncovers a scenario that demands your ability to recover from landing the golf ball on a thick rough, and you knew you’re not good at handling the ball on thick rough, then by all means practice the kind of situation. And how about when the ball landed behind a tree due to miscalculation? Looking at the landscape of the course you’ll be playing at helps you uncover scenarios to plan and practice for.

Putt more

How many golf players thought they’d score par only to end up with bogey or double bogey? The score expectation is usually put to the test in the green, when the ball is not too far from the hole. With unreliable putting ability, you could find yourself in a +1 or +2 situation more often than you wanted. So, practice putting as much as you can.

Swing more

Before you can ever get the ball to the green, you’ll have to fly it high and land it where you intended for the next shot. The problem is when you curve the ball and land it you don’t want it. There is also the distance challenge where more power in your swing is demanded just to hit your target spot or go beyond it. The only way you can get this straight is to practice your swing and to correct whatever is causing it to fail your expectation.

There you have it. Start playing at a level beyond where you are now by acting upon these tips.

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