Trackman 3e vs Trackman 4: The Difference You Need to Know

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Every golfer wants accurate information about his or her game. This information uncovers the reality in performance that may be hard to tell without clear recording of each game being monitored. But tracking is no longer a problem since the launch of Trackman 3e. The technology easily became the go-to tracking device most, if not… Read more »

Golf Putter Selection Checklist: Things to keep in mind

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Your putter is as important as the other clubs in your bag. In fact, your dream of becoming one of the greatest golf players could be in trouble when you play with a putter that does not supplement your characteristics as a player. Thus, choosing and playing with the right golf putter is crucial to… Read more »

The 6 Difficult Shots Every Amateur Golfer Should Master – Part 2

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In the previous article, I have laid out the introduction to the difficult shots amateur golf players should master, so if you came here first, I suggest you take the time and read the first part and continue the reading here. If you arrive here for the rest of the two-part article, please read on.

The 6 Difficult Shots Every Amateur Golfer Should Master – Part 1

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Golf ranks among the most deceptively hard sports to master. Many golfers, great athletes among them, will spend a lifetime playing regularly or semi-regularly without achieving so much as an official handicap much less anything resembling professional level skills. But unlike other major televised sports golf relies to an unusual extent on two things –… Read more »

7 Strategies to Lower Your Golf Score

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Golf is not only a game of technique, but a game of strategy. Even the best golfers work on lowering their score by focusing on some nontechnical aspects of the game. Here are seven ways you can work on lowering your score that aren’t all about the stance.