Golf Putting: Feel Can Lower Score

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Golf Putting Tips

If you have not discovered it already in your time playing golf, feel contributes a lot to the outcome of your game. So, if you are this conscious about lowering your score, but not aware of how feel dictates it most of the time, then you have something to work on — your feel.

Golf for Beginners: 4 Ways to Quickly Learn Playing Golf

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golf for beginners

You witnessed a glorious moment of a pro golfer celebrating a grand win and you feel like it is something you want to experience for yourself too. You started imagining yourself in his shoes and relishing the crowds’ appreciation of the win. In that same moment, you started wondering how you can start playing the… Read more »

How to Re-create a Perfect Swing

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blog recreate perfect swing

That feeling when you hit a perfect shot is just incomparable. It brings the feeling of fulfillment. It makes you feel like you’re more skilled than the other players on the field. It gives you that level of confidence you all so needed to keep you relevant in the game. But there’s just one problem—not… Read more »

7 Best Mens Golf Shoes for Beginners

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Improving game performance in golf can be attended by doing things like practicing more often, watching a lot of mentoring videos or enrolling in a golf lesson. It could also be attended by upgrading golf equipment, like switching to a new set of clubs, changing grips, using more comfortable gloves and wearing clothing specifically designed… Read more »

5 Crucial Golf Lessons We Can Learn from 5 Golf Legends

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Golf Legends

When it comes to improving your golf game, there is no better source of inspiration than analyzing the techniques that legends of the game used to dominate the game. It is a very difficult endeavor to objectively rank the best golfers of all time. There are many factors to consider, you need to consider the… Read more »

Golf Handicap: What People Are Asking About It

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Just like in any other sports, players are measured numerically of their likely capability in Golf. This measurement is known in the golf world as handicap. By taking the handicap into consideration, it allows for different players to compete against one another. So, what are people asking about golf handicap? Let’s find out and provide… Read more »

Golf Preparation – How to Be Mentally Tough

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To be great at anything, you have to give it your all, and playing the sport of golf is no exception. If you happen to be the golfer who’s been playing for a while now and yet you are still at the same level at which when you started committing yourself to the sport, then… Read more »