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Who said golf is a boring kind of sport? You might not know there are interesting items that will certainly tickle your bones when we talk about this luxurious activity.

In many countries around the globe, golf has been a favorite pastime and a famous hobby for many years. As popular professionals made the sport more inviting to young players over the past decades, golf’s image has gone through a remarkable surge in popularity.

Over the years there have been numerous astounding moments in golf – from incredible shots to astounding, come-from-behind victories. Together with these impressive hits have been some less-than-superb ones. Of course, we’re talking about bloopers you probably don’t know about this interesting and elegant sport.

1. Richard Finch Sinks It. Occupying the top spot is the hilarious dip by no less than Richard Finch at the Irish Open. The 30-year old champion fell into a river after playing a shot on the 18th while leading the scores. But though he suffered a plunge in his fortunes on May 18, 2008, he still emerged a winner on the said prestigious golf event.

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2. Tiger Hits 3 golf fans. During the Memorial Tournament at Dublin, Ohio way back June 2010, Tiger inadvertently hit 3 spectators with a ball. He hit a 37-year-old Jeramy May in the neck, on the first hole. On the second hole, he hit a 19-year old Alan Flood in the back of his left leg. Then on the 15th hole, his drive hit a certain Jimmy Craig in the thumb and then the side. Every time Woods hit spectators with a ball, he tries to make it up by giving them autographed golf gloves. He also apologized of what happened and shook hands with them.

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3. Boo Weekley doing the bull dance. You might think golfers are kind of serious professionals on the field. But you should know that they have their funny side too. One of golf’s funniest guys is Thomas Brent Weekley. Many were amused with his inspiring and hilarious memoirs – from the orangutan boxin’, gator catchin’ and the epic bull dance. Affectionately named as “Boo” by his avid fans, this man became popular not just with his breakout performance in 2008 Ryder Cup but also with his eccentric, Southern-fried country humor.

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4. Romancing the gator. Yes, you got to expect the unexpected. Serious characters may turn into comic sights when peculiar things come out of the blue. In 2008 PGA Tour, David Love III had a personal encounter with an alligator in the middle of the event. Quite strange but the American professional golfer was patient enough to handle such natural challenge – to tame a crawling creature.

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5. Buzz about the bees. There are plenty of unthinkable moments in every golf tournament. Like any other sport, you need to prepare yourself of what’s going to pop put in the midst of your viewing pleasure. One unforgettable scene happened in 2008 Zurich Classic of New Orleans where a swarm of bees stole the scene making the golfers plank on the fairway. Check out the hilarious moment on the video below.

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