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To play golf like a pro, one would tell you to practice, do it more often and that will make things perfect. That is right, but only when you practice the PRO way. The problem with most beginners who follow this approach is they just rake and hit and never bother to check on or compare each of their shots. This is absolutely not what the pros in the game are doing. So how to set the practice right and start playing golf like a pro?

The 1:1 technique

Before you start with any golf practice, especially on a driving range, set a goal. Just because it’s a practice doesn’t mean you execute unlimited shots as you can. Thus, the likely goal you’ll want to achieve to be like a pro is to try and strictly follow the one-club-one-hit rule. Instead of mindlessly hitting ball after ball, make every shot fixed to a goal not to use the same club in the next shot. Unless you are fitting or tuning clubs, hitting the ball with the same club 10 times or more is power-draining and won’t kick start your way to the pro stage, so apply the 1:1 technique if you are looking for any improvement.


Practice ranges may not feel as challenging or something that ignites your innate ability to produce the performance required. The best work around for this is to get your imagination to work. What this means is for you to simulate a really challenging course and attach your goal to it. Imagine the longest fairway if that’s where you are heading, or visualize the farthest green if you are calculating your next shot. Don’t let the limitation of the driving range limit your performance when you practice.

Positive Mentality

Fix your mindset by having positive thoughts about accomplishing things on the course. Just because you hit badly doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. When things are not working the way intended, analyze the situation, compare results, and keep those what you can use for your next shot or practice. Getting discouraged right away is not what you need to have a heart and deliver a play like a pro, but a mindset that’s pushing you to try and never give up does.

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