KBS Shafts Review

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It is quite exceptional for a golf shaft series that was developed just about 7 years ago to be attributed to over 100 international victories in such less time. The KBS shaft which was formed in 2008 is an example of such performance due to its perfect precision hence it is no surprise that many… Read more »

Mitsubishi Rayon Shafts Review

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Only few companies can brag of having designed golf shafts that are consistent in quality for more than 20 years. The Mitsubishi Rayon is one such company that has designed over a thousand golf shafts in a time span of more than 25 years. Matter fact, almost every professional golfer playing in Japan, PGA or… Read more »

The Dream of Every Golfer – Project X Shafts

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Contemporary golfing is more than sport. Revolutions in the design and functionality of shafts has transformed the experience of golfing to the better. Of course, when you visit your favorite shopping store for sports-related products, you’ll bump upon a myriad shafts. But here’s one that offers exclusive swing and hit experience. Let’s find out.