Improve Your Game With Miyazaki’s B Asha Shafts

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If you love the game of golf and you’re looking for a way to improve the way you play, the length of your drive, and the precision of your hits, look no further than Miyazaki shafts. In 2013 Miyazaki came out with the B Asha shaft, it was an improvement to their last very popular… Read more »

Want to Win Golf? Try Fujikura Shafts!

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Any professional golfer knows the best kept secret of achieving that decisive shot that amounts to a win largely depends on the golf shaft. In fact, research shows that some of the best golfers in the world use a shaft with almost similar precision; hence it is no surprise that they are champions. An example… Read more »

Miami Springs Golf Course: Things You Need To Know

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Sometimes we want to put our golfing skill to the test. We do this by fitting on a different golf set, playing in a very uncertain weather or trying a golf course with unmeasurable surface, unforgiving curves and unwanted combo of bunker and water hazards. If you just thought of the later as the best… Read more »

Oban Shafts: A Look at the Revenge Series

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Having a hard time controlling the ball? If you are struggling in gaining control over the flight and landing of your ball, you are not alone. A lot of golf players, beginners to professionals, experience ball control problems on the course, and there are different areas to look at that could be causing this unintended… Read more »

Golf Caddy: How To Tell You Got The Best One in the League

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Playing and winning golf professionally requires not only yourself to be expertly trained and in your best ability, but you also need support from someone who not only help you carry your things around to save your energy, but understands the course you’ll be playing in the same level as you are or even more,… Read more »

Memorable Things You Can Do After a Day of Golf in Miami

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Let’s say you come to Miami for a golf vacation; the trip could easily get boring if you have not listed anything else to do aside from golfing in your choice of Miami’s pride golf course locations. So what could you possibly do after each golf day? Spice up your golf vacation plan with itineraries… Read more »